10 Ways You Can Elevate Your Biking Experience

For professional cyclists and enthusiasts, nothing beats getting on a bike and going out for a ride. Becoming a better rider and having a more comfortable and efficient ride is equally important for the best cycling experience. After all, who wants to go on a long ride with a substandard bicycle seat? There are different ways to elevate the biking experience to achieve your milestones more easily, whether installing the best bike lights or mastering various positions on the bike. Here several ways that you can make your biking experience an even better one. 

  1. Prevent soreness and fatigue by relaxing your shoulders. Though the temptation to hunch might be strong and feel more natural, moving your head every few minutes will keep your neck muscles from getting too tight. One way to do this is to take frequent breaks to enjoy the scenery during your ride. 
  1. Your position on the bicycle seat can contribute to the development of different muscle groups. By sliding forward or rearward, you can give tired muscles rest during long, uphill climbs and let other muscle groups take on the work. Inching forward on the saddle shifts the work into the quadriceps, while sliding backwards on the seat emphasises the hamstrings and glutes.
  1. Keep upper body movement minimal by allowing your back to function as a fulcrum. The bike should sway side to side underneath your body rather than you moving your torso from left to right. 
  1. Understand how to shift your energy on the bike. For instance, pulling on the bar with a rowing motion can counter your legs’ power, which places the energy onto the pedals rather than wasting your movement. 
  1. Be wary of your shoulders and back. Your shoulders should stay behind the front wheel axle to prevent too much forward weight that makes the bike difficult to manoeuvre. Creeping forward onto the saddle and hunching your back also tends to happen when you’re tired. In addition to investing in the most comfortable bike seat, make it a habit to shift to a higher gear and pedal standing up to relieve the stiffness in your hips and back. 
  1. Relax your grip to alleviate muscle tension and reduce how much road vibration is transferred to your body. You should also be changing your hand position every so often. Hold onto the drops during descents and high-speed rides while keeping your hands on the brake-lever hoods during relaxed cruising. Long rides are most comfortable when holding the top of the bar since it helps open your chest up for better breathing. Be sure to keep a thumb and finger closed around the hood or bar to prevent losing control during unexpected bumps or turns.
  1. Pay attention to handlebar width and align it with your shoulders. For more aerodynamic rides, choose a narrower bar. Wider bars are better for more relaxed rides as they open the chest up for good breathing. 
  1. Arm position is also important relative to the handlebars. Never splay out your elbows, and keep your arms in line with the body. Not only does this help you conserve energy but also makes you more aerodynamic. 
  1. Knowing how to emergency brake can save your life and prevent an impact that can cause a crash. If you’re going at high speed and can’t slow down in time for an obstacle like a pothole, then lift your front wheel by pulling up on the handlebar. The rear wheel might sustain some damage or suffer a pinch flat, but it’s a better alternative to crashing. 
  1. Remember to shift gears when leading a paceline up a hill. Your cadence and pressure should be kept constant too. 


Transforming your bike experience is a combination of understanding the traffic on the road, knowing how to ride your bike better, and getting the right parts. A ride is only as good as your gear, and remaining comfortable is one of the most important ways to ride well. By investing in tools such as bike seat cushions, you can ride with ease and focus on your form, and conserving energy. These are how you can best elevate every bike ride for better performance and a more fulfilling time spent on your sport. 

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