3 Reasons Why You Must Use Lights When Biking

Being on a bicycle offers a different kind of freedom. It is powered by the raw strength of humanity and not a machine. With the refreshing feeling of the wind in your face while pedalling down a road, nothing beats a good bike ride. Although it is a fantastic hobby and sport to take up, it comes with a variety of risks. 

For many bike riders, they are at risk of coming into contact with faster moving vehicles and having potentially fatal crashes and injuries. These uncertainties are why you must always wear a helmet when riding a bike, as well as employing the proper safety gear on yourself and your bike. 

Bike Lights for Safety

While many may think that they don’t need to use their bike lights while riding during the day, these can be useful in all situations. When you get into the world of cycling, it is best to invest in a good, comfortable bike saddle to make riding comfortable. The bicycle seat should also have some form of reflector attached to it for nighttime or low-light rides.

The best area to place lights is in as many sites possible. A great kind of light to have are strobe lights, as these offer superb visibility during both daytime and nighttime biking. Flashing lights naturally affect the human eye, and small strobes will allow those driving to catch a glimpse of a cyclist up ahead. 

Areas to place your bike lights are on the pedals, the front post, the bicycle seat, and your helmet. Some people even place brighter strip lights on their wheel spokes to be more visible at all times. 

Reasons Why Biking With Your Lights On Is Important

There are plenty of reasons why having lights on your bike are essential. Here’s why you should be biking with them on at all times:

  1. It is Responsible

Bikes can be challenging for drivers to see, especially when travelling at speed. Many cyclists end up getting snagged by car side mirrors when biking in areas that drivers don’t expect. When you are cycling in a vehicle-dominated area, turning on your lights reduces the risks of getting hurt and hit by fast-moving vehicles. By wearing lights and mounting some on your bike, you may look a bit funny. However, being safe is always better than being sorry.

  1. Visibility Helps

Whether it is to see or to be seen, you need to bike with a set of visibility lights. You must also use a set to illuminate what is ahead. Potholes, construction areas, and uneven surfaces can cause people to fly off their bikes and damage them. When in low-light conditions, turn on illumination lights to see what is around. 

Strobe lights can help in both daytime and at night to give other cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers an idea that you are around. The blinking light is something visible from a mile away to most healthy drivers, allowing them to prepare accordingly for when they catch up to you. 

  1. The Law States Biking With Safety Gear is a Must

A bike is naturally more dangerous to ride because of the lack of safety compared to cars that have a plethora of installed safety technologies. Flying off a bike because of a fast-moving vehicle often never ends well, which is why you need to keep safe at all times. Most countries have laws that state those getting on bikes must wear helmets, attach lights, and dress up in appropriate bright-coloured clothing. 

Get a proper set of cycling gear and safety products to increase safety measures while hitting the roads on your bike. 


Lighting on a bicycle can be the difference between life and death at times. Many have been saved from accidents thanks to their presence is known by those around them. Whenever you ride, it pays to think that nobody can see you at all times, so be vigilant and ride as if you are invisible. 

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