3 Ways You Can Hurt Yourself By Biking Too Much Incorrectly

Bicycles have been praised for their ability to not only easily transport us from one location to the other but being an exercise solution for those looking to improve their cardio and get fit! Unfortunately, biking has a couple of drawbacks, and these are health-related for those who overdo biking. Needless to say, too much of anything is unhealthy, especially if doing anything incorrectly!

So, what are the problems you may face by cycling too much incorrectly? Here are a couple of issues you may face:

1. Puts Too Much Pressure on Joints

Biking requires you to exert a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles, specifically on the pelvic and knee joints. When biking over long distances, it can cause your pelvis to tilt back, which can put pressure on the pubic bone, eventually leading to pain in the crotch. Cyclists, however, through proper attire and usage of the best bicycle saddle, can control the tilt of the pelvis and, as a result, the pressure their crotch is subject to.

Knee pain is also a common complaint in cyclists, and this is due to the pressure that is exerted on the knees when pedalling. When you are biking, you are often required to stretch your quads forward to a better pedal, and this can cause knee discomfort.

2. Causes Pain in the Back

A major concern of any cyclist is back pain. The common cause of this problem is the way you ride your bike. When you are biking, you are using the same muscles in your legs to pedal and stabilise your body, and if you do this for too long, it can cause back pain. There are several factors that may cause this problem, and one is bad posture when biking. If you have a bad posture when biking, your back muscles are forced to work hard to stabilise your body, thus putting pressure on the back muscles.

Another factor that can cause back pain is the type of bike you ride. If you are riding an uncomfortable bike, then you are likely to have back problems. Therefore, make sure that you are properly fit when getting a bike to avoid back problems.

3. Can Damage Nerves And Other Tissues

Biking can cause damage to your nerves and other tissues. This is because the bike puts pressure on your backbone, especially if your posture is bad. This can cause inflammation and swelling of the nerve roots, which can result in pain.

It is also possible that it can assert pressure on the pudendal nerve. The constant pressure can cause abnormal firing, which leads to the "pins and needles feeling." If this keeps up, even blood flow can get hampered, and if severe enough, it can lead to oxygen deprivation and, ultimately, the death of the tissue.


As you can see, too much biking can cause lasting damage to your body. This is why you need to be careful in your biking activities. That said, the majority of these issues are mostly caused by improper posture and an overall uncomfortable saddle and bike. So, a good way to ensure these issues don't affect you is to practice good biking techniques and invest in good equipment to ensure you are biking comfortably and safely!

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