4 Advantages of Bringing Your Phone During Bicycle Rides

BIke riding has surged in popularity over the last year. Indeed, there has been an influx of people who have either discovered or revisited their love for bicycles. Considering how popular it has become, it’s worth looking into how to improve this experience so you can make the most out of your bike rides.

Now, when it comes to improving your bike riding experience we suggest bringing your phone along. While this may sound counterproductive, your phone can actually be quite useful during your bike rides. 

It Lets People Contact You

You’ll never really know when someone will need to contact you. The last thing you want is to miss an important call just cause you were off riding your bike. Bringing your phone allows you to circumvent these issues. With that being said, you should never answer your phone while you’re riding your bike. Not only is this illegal (as it can count as careless riding or riding without due care and consideration) but it’s also incredibly dangerous. This is true even if you’re making use of wireless earphones. Instead, pull over and just call the person back.

It Lets You Call for Help

While riding bikes isn’t really that dangerous, the road does present a slew of possible threats that can be difficult to deal with.  If you’ve ever had a flat tire while riding your bike, then you understand exactly what we’re talking about. Having a phone with you in case of an emergency can be extremely useful and can get you out of many tricky situations. 

It Helps You Figure Out the Route

While you may know your route, this won’t always be the case. This is especially true if you’re riding your bike somewhere new. Luckily, technology can solve this issue easily. With your phone, you can use navigation apps to figure out your route. What’s great about this is that navigation apps usually won’t need you to pick up your phone while using them. Aside from helping you figure out the area, they can also be useful when it comes to helping you discover new routes.

It Helps You Get Sufficient Exercise

Aside from being fun, riding your bike can be a great source of exercise when done correctly. In fact, you can burn at least 440kcal per hour. To help make this easier for you, you can use your phone to help keep track of your bike rides. Fitness apps make this even more effective, as you can track the calories burned per bike ride. Keeping track of your bike rides using apps also allows you to optimize your bike rides to maximize the amount of exercise you get.


We hope this article has helped shed some light on the many uses of your phone during bike rides. While phones are incredibly useful during bike rides, you should never be using your phone while you are riding through your neighbourhood. We suggest that you make use of a silicone handlebar mobile phone mount so that you can still have access to your phone without having to risk your personal safety.

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