4 Things to Remember When Purchasing the Perfect Bike Saddle

Your bike is made up of various components—each of which contributing directly to how it provides you with a memorable ride. One of the most important components on it is your bicycle saddle, which is better known as the seat of your bike! Finding one that will suit you best takes time, and possibly some trial and error with the selection process.

If you’ve been in the market for a while, and you’ve been constantly disappointed about the results, then you might be taking your search with the wrong criteria in mind. By knowing some of the basic steps to finding it, you could finally accomplish your goal of finding the perfect bike seat.

To streamline this process, here are some things you need to remember and do when you’re out looking for a bike saddle:

Take It Out for a Test Run

Whenever you visit a bike shop in search of the right saddle, you might tend to touch several bike seat cushions without thinking of actually sitting on them. Take note that how a seat feels in your hands is different from testing it out with your rear!

Whether the shop allows you to bring a saddle home for a test ride or to try sitting on it right then and there, you have to grab the opportunity and do it when it’s presented to you. That way, you know exactly how it feels once you finally install it on your ride!

Focus on Comfort Not Softness

People often mistake that a soft bicycle saddle is the same as a comfortable bike seat. Unfortunately, they aren’t the same at all because a soft seat can wear out over time and come in the wrong size and shape for your bike.

You need to remember that your sit bones will require a comfortable saddle whenever you’re going for a ride—not a soft seat that will end up putting unwanted tension on your sensitive parts. When picking the right seat, focus on gaining support on your sit bones and not your soft tissue area!

Choose the Right Seat For You

Each individual was born with distinct body shapes, so you can expect mountain bike and road bike saddles to come in various forms, lengths, widths, and builds. It all comes down to finding what matches your lifestyle and preference.

Besides that, all riders will have different takes on what body parts are more sensitive to them, what their style of riding is, and what bike fit suits them best. After all, you can’t force something that doesn’t fit!

Consider Your Pressure Points

When it comes to choosing the most comfortable bike seat, you have to base it on your body type, and what can carry your weight effectively without encountering problems. It should provide relief on the sensitive areas of your body that are affected the most each time you go for a ride.

The essential thing to consider is to get a saddle that doesn’t apply unnecessary pressure on your soft tissues. If your bike seat does cause your body to ache after use, then you may want to consider other options.


While choosing an appropriate saddle requires you to dedicate your time, effort, and money, it will benefit you in the long run—especially if you plan to make riding part of your daily lifestyle. When scouting for the right seat, remember to test it out, focus on comfort, choose the right build, and consider your pressure points. Before you know it, the saddle that you’ve been looking for is in your hands, and you never have to worry about experiencing bad rides ever again!

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