4 Ways to Become Visible to Road Users - A Guide for Cyclists

Safe driving requires seeing the roadway clearly to determine when to speed up or slow down and avoid accidents. Unfortunately, staying visible is challenging among many cyclists, especially at night. Also, collisions are more likely to occur if they fail to react promptly since it usually takes only 1.25-2 seconds for drivers to perceive and steer their vehicle safely. 

Ensuring you stay visible on the road is your responsibility as a cyclist. It keeps you and other drivers and passengers safe. To protect yourself and others against collisions, here are some ways to help people on the road see you when you are cycling:

  1. Ride at least a car door’s width away from parked vehicles

Riding past a parked car might make you seem invisible to the driver and passengers in it if they are not looking properly. It is dangerous, especially if they suddenly open a door into your path or pull away. Therefore, instead of relying on being seen, make sure you are cycling at least a car door’s width away from vehicles. Doing this will help you interact with drivers in front of and behind you more easily and encourage them to give you more room.

  1. Consider road positioning

You might think that riding on the pavement or footway is safer. However, aside from being illegal unless it is designated for shared use, it will lead you to be more exposed to different safety hazards you may encounter, like pedestrians, vehicles emerging from driveways, street furniture, and more. Whether you are cycling day or night, consider your road positioning and how you interact with others on the road.

  1. Be careful when passing slower-moving vehicles

Passing slower-moving vehicles can hinder you from being most visible. This usually happens when the traffic slows down, and you get stuck behind a row of vehicles approaching a roundabout or at a traffic light. 

While you are likely to spot a gap on the inside of the queue and aim for it, don’t expect other drivers and passengers to see you. They may not be expecting anyone to pass them on the inside of the queue, or they may hop out without looking behind. It is best to overtake on the outside of the queue and leave as much room as possible. Another option is to wait behind the first car or at the front of the line if there is enough space.

  1. Use bike lights

One of the most effective ways to help drivers and passengers see you when cycling is to invest in the best bike lights. Opt for super bright rechargeable bicycle LED lights like ours. Besides helping you stay on the road, it has a built-in power bank that allows you to charge your phone or GPS device while commuting.


Being visible on the road should be your top priority when cycling to avoid collision and ensure everyone’s safety on the road. Help all road users see you as you commute by following the tips listed in this guide. To become an even more responsible cyclist, buy high-quality bike lights and other accessories from a trusted source like us.

Enjoy a fun and safe ride every cycling session by using rechargeable bike lights from CUSHBIKE. We also offer comfortable bicycle seats in the UK and 30-day satisfaction guarantees on all of our products. Order now!

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