5 Notable Tips on How to Choose the Right Bike Saddle

How do you find the perfect saddle? Everyone will be familiar with the question, whether you are a mountain bike rider, a road biker, or a triathlete. By following our five tips for finding your ideal saddle, you can achieve comfort, pain relief, and better results all at once.

Find the Right Saddle Shape

Different people have different body types, so saddles are designed with different physical properties depending on the rider's gender. Usually, women have wider areas to sit on than men do.

The shape of your bicycle saddle depends on the type of cycling you do. If you race on extreme terrains, like downhill, look for a saddle with a strong structure, while mountain bikers try to find saddles that are as light as possible. Road racers need saddles that are comfortable when they ride for hours at a time. When looking for the right saddle, it's important to consider what type of cycling you do.

Measure the Width of Your Sit Bones

Saddles come in a variety of different widths. If you know what type of saddle you're looking for, and how your sitting position may affect how the saddle feels, it's easier to choose the right one. Your saddle width depends on the gap between your sit bones, so measuring this gap can help you to find the right saddle. It's very easy to take a simple measurement of this gap, which you can easily do in a bike shop.

Set the Saddle to the Optimal Height

Now that you've found the right type of saddle and the right style, the next step is to set it at the right height. This will help your pedal stroke to be more efficient and prevent you from getting sore. You'll have to do a professional bike fit to determine your correct inseam or your leg length from your crotch to the floor, so you're no longer guessing.

Get the Saddle Position Right

One thing that you have to do to have a comfortable cycling experience is to ensure your saddle is horizontal. If you are leaning forward too much, you may experience discomfort in certain areas. If your seat is too far forward or too far back, this can lead to neck, lower back or arm problems. You should first place both pedals in a horizontal position. Then, hang a plumb line from your knee to the shaft of the pedal. A well-positioned saddle should be in line with the plumb line. You can then make minor adjustments to your position, but avoid making radical changes to the saddle's location.

Consider Your Flexibility

Gauge your flexibility by sitting on the ground and reaching forwards as far as you can, then touching your toes. How far do you get? If you can’t reach, then you’re less flexible. If you can reach your knees or beyond, then you’re flexible. If you’re around halfway between those two extremes, then you’re flexible. People who are less flexible tend to shift around on a saddle and may not move freely on it. A rounded saddle is better for them to sit on because it provides more flexibility. Remember, a more flexible cyclist has a more stable position on the bike and tends to sit more comfortably on a flat saddle that provides more freedom of movement

Whether you sit comfortably on your bike depends largely on how you sit on the bike. Some cyclists prefer an upright position, while others might prefer a more sporting position. Bending further forwards means putting more pressure on the lower part of your body. This can lead to pain and numbness as well.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you choose the right saddle for your bike. While choosing the right saddle make take some time and might be a little tedious, taking the time to find the right saddle will significantly improve your cycling experience. Be sure to keep everything we’ve discussed here in mind so that you can make the most informed decision regarding your bike saddle.

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