5 Reasons You Should Always Wear Your Cycling Gloves

With summer comes heat and humidity, two things that bikers do not like to deal with when trying to enjoy a good bike ride. Instead of getting to enjoy the cool air around them as they bike around, they just end up sweating like a waterfall. In fact, the uncomfortable weather may force them to remove some protective wear, such as the all-important helmet! But of course, you should always wear a helmet no matter what. However, you might be wondering if you can get away without wearing your cycling gloves. After all, it isn't important, right?

Well, while it might not be as vital as a helmet, which you should always be wearing anyways, a glove still gives you a ton of benefits. Here's why you should always wear your cycling gloves:

1. Keeps Your Hands Happy

Your hands are the most important part of you when you're riding your bike. Without the proper use of your hands, you can end up in a tragic accident. And while your helmet will protect your head, your gloves will help protect your hands! If you ride in hot weather, the gloves will keep your hands protected from the heat and humidity.

2. Keeps Your Hands Safe

In addition to protecting your hands from heat, cycling gloves also protect your hands from impact. If your hands hit a hard surface, the glove will take the brunt of the impact rather than your hand. This also protects your bones from breaking easily if you fall, along with keeping your soft tissues safe from harm.

3. Keeps Your Hands Dry

Your hands will naturally sweat when you ride, so the last thing you want to do is squeeze your sweaty hands onto the handlebars. This is dangerous as it could cause you to lose your grip and slip off. Cycling gloves usually come with a sweat-wicking liner that helps to keep your hands dry, minimising the chances of your hands slipping.

4. Keeps Your Hands Visible

While it might be a bit hard to see your hands while you bike, it is important to have them visible, especially when riding at night. Why? More often than not, you tell others what turn you’re going to make using your hands. As such, wearing gloves that are reflective ensures that even at night, people behind you know where you’re going. When you're riding in the dark or during the daytime, you might want to wear reflective gloves!

5. Keeps Your Hands Warm

If you are riding your bike during the colder months, you might be tempted to ditch your gloves. However, this is also a bad idea. Gloves are important in keeping your hands warm during the cold months. You don't want to have freezing fingers when riding your bike, right?


There are many reasons to wear cycling gloves, even if you are just biking around the neighbourhood. It just isn't safe to go without wearing a glove, and there are tons of benefits to wearing them. So, no matter how hot or cold it is outside, you should always wear your gloves. You won't regret keeping your hands safe and happy!

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