5 Things to Consider When Buying a Bicycle Phone Mount

When buying a bicycle, you must consider many things, such as specs, materials, and other factors. The same goes with purchasing your bicycle phone mount. 

As a rider, you need to make sure your bike phone mount will help you carry your phone while riding and use it comfortably, with no safety risks involved.

But how do you decide if there are plenty of brands in the market?

In this article, we’ll share with you five important things to consider when picking the right bike phone mount.

Type of Mount

There are two types of phone mounts based on your phone: case mounts and universal mounts.

Case mounts are bike phone mounts that are case-dependent. It means they only fit specific phone cases, so it is essential to know the dimensions of your phone case before buying one. The case your phone has needs to be a perfect fit.

On the other hand, universal mounts are bike phone mounts that can fit any phone with the help of a bike mount adapter. It is ideal for riders who have their phones in cases and want to enjoy the benefits of using a bike phone mount.

You can choose a specific phone mount type based on where you want to place your phone. 

Phone Mount Type Based on Location

There are two types of mounts based on where you want to put your phone: handlebar mounts and stem mounts.

Handlebars are probably the most common mounting location on bikes. They are lightweight and easy to use but are not great for GPS, music, or map players, which you can see with stem mounts. Stem mounts are great for GPS, music, or map players, but are not really good when you need to use your phone quickly.

Secured Lock System

When it comes to your phone, you don’t want to worry about dropping it, right? That’s why you must get a bike phone mount with a secure lock system to make sure that the phone is held tight and you can use it even when you are going downhill. 

With the lock system, you have three options:

Snap Lock – A lock that uses a spring-loaded claw that snaps into place when attaching the mount to your bike. The lock is not easily removable, so you don’t have to worry about your phone falling off while you ride.

Hook and Loop System – A lock that involves a hook and loop system to secure the phone mount. You can easily switch your phone mount from one bike to another if you want to. Make sure your phone mounts have the same hook and loop system.

Buckle System– A lock with a buckle system to secure the phone mount. The lock is stable and secure and won’t easily fall off. 

Waterproof Screen

Your phone is a fundamental accessory to help you keep up with your riding, and you want to be sure you can see the GPS app, read messages, text, and listen to music while you are riding.

However, when riding, you will come across many elements that can damage your phone, such as water and sweat. That’s why it’s integral to make sure your phone mount is waterproof.

Lightweight Material

A bike phone mount is an accessory you want to be lightweight and sturdy enough to hold your phone. However, you don’t want to sacrifice the weight for stability.

You must find something strong enough to hold your phone but is still lightweight. When it comes to the materials, you have three options:

Plastic – Plastic bike phone mounts are lightweight and affordable, but they aren’t as durable and stable as other materials.

Aluminium – Aluminum bike phone mounts are durable and strong but often cost more than the other materials.

Carbon Fiber– Carbon fibre bike phone mounts are very strong and lightweight, but they are also more expensive.


We hope that we have helped you find the right bike phone mount to fit your needs. Now, it’s time to pick the best bike phone mount and enjoy the benefits of using your phone while you ride. Happy riding!

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