5 Tips for Biking Safely at Night

Like other types of transportation, it’s best to ride your bike during the day to enjoy the total visibility of your surroundings. If you cycle as a form of exercise and are busy during the day, consider using a stationary trainer or spin bike, which is a safer yet just as effective way to burn calories while eradicating the risk of a motor accident.

Still, if you can’t avoid being on the road at night on your bike, it’s essential to make sure you follow safety protocols to ensure you get to your destination safe and sound. Here are five safety tips to keep in mind when cycling after sunset or before sunrise:

1. Bike Through the Safest Routes

Before you start journeying off on your bike at night, scope the area for routes that are well-lit and experience lighter traffic. If your neighbourhood has lighted bike trails or roads with designated bike lanes, use those instead of roads that converge all kinds of motorists. It’s also best to ensure that roads with good lighting at night stay lit even as dawn approaches. Some street lights shut off after a particular hour in the evening has passed. You may find yourself suddenly surrounded by darkness when you expected to be traversing through a well-lit area.

2. Put On the Best Bike Lights

One of the main contributors to motor accidents involving cyclists is that drivers do not see them on the road, especially at night. To circumvent this, use bicycle LED lights. Ensuring you stay as well-lit as possible will ensure that other drivers on the road will see you, no matter how dark it is. Using bike tail lights and headlights are also a great way to illuminate the space around you and make yourself more visible in traffic. The brighter your lights, the more you’ll be noticed by motorists, helping them keep a wide berth around you.

3. Wear Reflective Clothing

Rear bike lights aren’t the only things you can use to stay visible as you bike. There are many reflecting clothing options available that can keep you safe as you bike at night, especially when a car’s headlights shine on you and reflect on the driver. Pair these with rechargeable bike lights, and every driver on the road will be well aware of you.

4. Use Technology

You can use various kinds of technology to ensure your safety when riding during the evening hours. Some radar systems alert you when a car comes up behind you, which lights up to warn vehicles that a cyclist is ahead of them.

5. Bike Slowly

Lastly, another reliable way to keep you safe while out and about at night is to maintain a slower speed and exercise extra caution. Biking slowly also allows enough time for a car’s headlights to shine on you, notifying the driver of your presence as you bike slow enough to remain within the driver’s seeing distance. The longer your reflective clothing and lights shine at other drivers, the more they’ll create enough space for you to bike safely. Additionally, if you find yourself in a poorly lit area, it’s best to get off your bicycle and walk it until you have better visibility. 


Biking at night is sometimes unavoidable, primarily if you use it to get to work and you work until the evening. By practising these safety tips, you’ll alert other motorists of your presence and ensure you get to your destination without a scratch. 

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