5 Tips To Reduce Saddle Discomfort When Biking - Our Guide

Among all the problems a cyclist can face, the most agreed upon to be the most rampant is saddle issues related to discomfort. This is typically caused by various reasons, from the friction between the saddle and crotch area and the pressure placed continuously on the tissues. If you are facing this problem, you may be wondering how you can avoid such discomforts to enhance your riding experience. 

Fortunately for you, here are five practical tips you can try out to reduce and even eliminate discomfort:

1. Pick the right saddle

One of the best ways to reduce discomfort when riding a bike is to pick the right type of saddle. However, know that the saddle that works with you will vary from others because no humans are exactly alike. With that in mind, the saddle you pick must have the right width so that the pressure is evened out to the sit bone and not the actual tissue. Some local shops have tools to measure which saddle can fit you best, so do take the time to visit your local bike shop to figure out which saddle will best suit your needs!

2. Try some lube

While this may be a little uncomfortable at first, lube goes a long way in reducing friction-related discomforts. There are many lubes you can pick from, but we recommend using pure petroleum jelly. This is because it is much more accessible and affordable.

3. Stand once in a while

When you are sitting for long periods, know that blood flow is restricted to your buttocks area, which can easily lead to discomforts and even long-term injuries. To avoid this, learn how to stand while biking for a minute every ten minutes or so. This will effectively relieve you from constant pressure, allowing blood to flow through the tissues properly once more.

4. Wear the right pants 

Did you know that the pants you choose will also play a role in how comfortable (or uncomfortable) you will be when you are riding your bike? For this reason, be sure to spend the time to look for high-quality biking shorts that fit you perfectly and try to avoid those that may have too much padding. That way, you will not find yourself slipping too often and increasing friction which can hurt you.

5. Do not overdo it with the padding

In terms of padding, you may have assumed that the more padding you have, the more comfortable you will be. In reality, too much padding can also be a nuisance! This is because padding actually reduces the stability of your buttocks on the seat itself. This causes unnecessary movement, which can cause lots of friction that will lead to discomfort.


Before you do go out biking, remember the five tips we have shared with you. The more that you apply during your trips, the more comfortable your biking experience will become! That being said, the more you ride your bicycle, the more resilient you will also become to discomfort because your muscles will strengthen and toughen your buttocks. This added strength goes a long way for a more comfortable ride but remember that this will require you to still bike!

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