5 Types of Bike Seat Pain and How to Deal With Them

Although bikes are an efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint while reaching your destination, most cyclists are well aware of the phenomenon of bicycle seat soreness. While male bike enthusiasts are no stranger to the discomfort of riding a bicycle for extended hours, female cyclists deal with more complex saddle pain issues. 

Sometimes, bike saddle pain can get so uncomfortable that it turns off aspiring cyclists and enthusiasts from going on a neighbourhood ride. Luckily, there are ways to get comfortable apart from buying a comfortable bicycle seat, but you’ll first need to understand the pain you’re dealing with and the causes behind it. Here are the five types of bike seat pain and what you can do to get comfortable:

  1. Chafing and Saddle Sores

Everyone has experienced chafing at some point, and it was never an enjoyable experience. This sensation occurs when your skin chafes from constant rubbing with something else, and in this case, it’s your bicycle saddle. To soothe the abrasion, you can opt to treat it with ointment, balm, or even diaper rash cream. However, if you want to eliminate the problem, your best option is buying a comfortable bicycle seat.

  1. Discomfort in Your Sit Bones

If you feel discomfort or even a bruised feeling in your sit bones, then it means that these bones are carrying most of your weight when riding your bicycle. Fortunately, this is a good sign, as it indicates that you’re using the proper riding position when on your bike.

However, it’s probably a feeling that you want to get rid of right away. The good news is that your body needs time to adapt to it, and the discomfort will go away eventually. You can also wear bike shorts with light padding in the sit bones area, which will decrease the awkward sensations you’re feeling.

  1. Soft Tissue Pain

The soft tissue in question is a euphemism for genitalia that often get squeezed between the bicycle seat and your pelvis when you ride. Since these are soft and tender parts, they’re susceptible to pain from extended pressure, which can manifest in numbness, chafing, or discomfort. 

To ease this pain, you can use chamois cream to relieve any chafing. You can also use bike shorts that fit well and use less padding or buy a more suitable and comfortable bicycle seat altogether.

  1. Genital Shape-Related Pain

There is also evidence that some women with certain genital shapes are more prone to soft tissue pain, making the issue more challenging to resolve. Some women have vulvas with the inner labia exposed in the middle, known as an “outie” shape. Other women have vulvas with outer labia that are long enough to cover the inner labia and other parts, called the “innie” shape. Unfortunately, women with “outie” shapes are more susceptible to soft tissue pain than “innies.” 

Leaning too forward when biking while possessing an outie shape also contributes to significant soft tissue pain. Adjusting your posture, wearing the right shorts, and choosing a more suitable bicycle seat will definitely reduce any painful or uncomfortable sensations.

  1. Pubic Bone Pain

Like genital shapes, specific bone structure can also contribute to discomfort when riding a bicycle. Leaning forward too much will compress your pubic bone on your bike saddle’s nose, causing it to take more weight than it should, resulting in a bruised feeling on your bone. 

To relieve pubic bone pain, a combination of a split-nose saddle, bike shorts with more padding, or adjusting your saddle tilt may do the trick. It may also help to do strength training for your lower ab muscles, as it will keep the pelvis in place and prevent it from leaning too forward when you’re on your bike.


Resolving bicycle seat pain can be a very trial-and-error process, but it will always be worth it. By understanding the type of problem you’re experiencing, you can figure out the best ways to get comfortable on a bike. With the right bicycle seat, you can say goodbye to bike-related discomfort for good!

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