A Quick Light and Reflector Guide to Stay Safe When Biking

Did you know that it is illegal to ride your bicycle on the road in the dark without any lights or reflectors on the bike? It is, and the biggest reason for this has to do with safety. Especially at higher speeds, bikers can easily be missed in the front, and without reflectors to show where they are when a vehicle is still far, the risk of accidents is just way higher. As such, not only should you add lights and reflectors on your bike for legal purposes, but you should do so for your own safety!

That being said, the rules and regulations around reflectors and lights can be a little convoluted at times. As such, we want to share with you an easy-to-understand guide to ensure you ride your bike safely and away from trouble during the evening:

Front Light

When it comes to the front light, you need at least one lamp that shows a white light. The light should sit around 150cm above the ground, aligned to the front, and positioned either in the middle or off-centre. If the lamp emits a steady light, it has to conform to the BS6102/3 standard or equivalent. If it emits a flashing light, ensure that it emits at least 4 candelas.

Rear Light

With rear lights, only one is required and must show a red light. It should sit anywhere between 35cm and 150cm above the ground and must be visible from behind. If it emits a steady light, make sure that it meets the BS6102/3 standard or equivalent, and if it emits a flashing light, it has to, once again, emit at least 4 candelas.

Flashing Lights

When it comes to any flashing lights on the bike, one big rule you need to remember is that the light should flash at least 60 times and no more than 240 times a minute. And, as you may have guessed, brightness is the basis of this light, meaning that you need to make sure any flashing light on your bike is at least 4 candelas.

Pedal Reflectors

Pedal reflectors are required, all of which should be coloured amber or orange and are positioned in the front or back of the pedal. This means that you will have four reflectors in total (2 on each pedal). Standard-wise, it has to be BS6102/2 marked or equivalent.

Rear Reflectors

With a rear reflector, one is required along with any light you may already have. Once more, the reflector should be read and meet the BS6102/2 standard or equivalent, and sit anywhere between 25cm and 90cm. Sometimes, some bike lights may already have a reflector built-in along with the light, so you can hit two birds with one stone if you buy one of those.


So, if you're missing any light or reflector on the bike, then make sure to purchase them and install them on the bike. This way, not only can you ride your bike safer at night, but you won't have to deal with the police stopping you and notifying you of the laws you've just broken! So, stay safe and enjoy your rides by buying the proper lights and reflectors you need.

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