Bike Laws 101 - What You Need to Know About UK Bike Laws

UK residents are the ones who are into bicycles as most cities promote the use of bikes. Therefore, UK bike laws are being strongly implemented. If you are a cyclist, it’s essential you familiarise yourself with these laws. 

The Bike Law

The UK’s bike law states that cyclists must be in the right gear and have the right bike equipment to ensure safe cycling on the road. A white front light and red rear lights are crucial and must be lit at night. Besides that, bikes must have reflectors. 

Rule 60 in the Highway Code states, “At night your cycle MUST have white front and rear red lights lit. It MUST also be fitted with a red rear reflector (and amber pedal reflectors, if manufacturer after 1/10/85).” 

Cyclists are also allowed to have flashing lights, but a steady front lamp is necessary for areas without street lighting. Ensure the lights are fitted right; otherwise, it could be a safety hazard not only for the cyclists but also to other motorists. 

Minimum Bike Requirements in the UK

Here are some of the minimum bike requirements you need to adhere to when cycling in the UK: 

  • White front light facing forwards; positioned up to 150cm from the ground
  • Red rear light facing backwards; positioned between 35cm and 150cm from the ground
  • Red rear reflector facing backwards; positioned between 25cm and 90cm from the ground.
  • Front and rear amber pedal reflectors; positioned in a way they are plainly visible

How Bright Is Too Bright

Motorists can now complain about the brightness of bike lights. Indeed, there are bike lights that are just too bright. If you’re cycling in the UK, it’s essential your lights emit the right amount of light only. As long as they don’t hurt other motorists’ eyes, you’re all good. 

Lights During Daytime

Bikes don’t need to have lights fitted in low-level conditions, which means no matter how dark it is, you only need your lights switched on from sunset to sunrise. It’s advisable to have the lights fitted at all times so you can turn them on if you are caught in foggy areas, or you encounter heavy rain even during the day. 

The Use of Dynamo

A dynamo is a small electrical generator used for bikes to power its lights. It’s legal as long as it complies with the requirements. Most dynamos come with a stand light that will stay lit from a store of power or even when you’re at a standstill. 

Before you hop on a bike in the UK, it’s extremely important you know these laws, especially when it comes to lighting and other safety features your bike must have before you hit the road. You don't want to get pulled over by the police and get fined. 

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