Bikes 101 - Reasons You Should Change Your Bike's Saddle

When talking about bike upgrades, you'll notice that every biker will have a focus. Seasoned bikers or not, some will focus on drivetrain, brakes, or shifters, but there's a crucial bike part that bikers often overlook (or sit on) — a bike saddle.

Your bike saddle is considered the most important point of contact between you and your bike. With that being said, swapping your current saddle with one that fits you perfectly is a smart move since it can increase your comfort and performance. 

If you're still on edge about investing in a high-quality saddle, keep reading. We'll give you the most significant reasons you should ditch your current saddle and give your bike seat that much-needed upgrade. Let's take a look!

Reason #1: Saddles Are Susceptible to Wear and Tear

Like any bicycle component, saddles are subject to wear and tear. And this happens much faster when your bikes are stored outdoors, where environmental elements interact with the components of your seat. 

If you see exterior cracks, it creaks when you use it, or if you suddenly feel discomfort, those are bright red flags — you need to change your saddle immediately. 

Reason #2: Fit Your Saddle to Your Body

Finding the right bike saddle that fits your body is excellent since it can improve your overall biking performance. But one of the reasons you should change your saddle regularly is that your body also changes. And when your body changes, so does the relationship with your bike seat. 

Your once comfortable saddle can suddenly become uncomfortable when you have shifted in your weight and muscle composition. For this reason, it's best to reevaluate your saddle and find one that will best suit the changes in your body. 

Reason #3: Your Ride Better When You Feel Comfortable

When you have a comfortable bike saddle that adapts to your body type, you'll ride smoothly and feel more comfortable on the road. Using a saddle that doesn't meet your needs can actually be pretty dangerous.

You may experience pain and discomfort with the wrong kind of saddle, making you more prone to accidents and injuries. 

Reason #4: Improves Your Bike's Aesthetics

One of the best ways to give your bike a visual upgrade is by swapping your saddle with a new one. Consider choosing a saddle with a pop of colour — this can make your bike stand out from a sea of bikers and give your bike that fresh, new look. 

Reason #5: Saddle Performance Constantly Evolves

One of the things people often overlook is the technical evolution of saddles. Nowadays, bike saddles are more innovative with their design and the materials used to have a physiological relationship between riders and their bikes. 

Although they can sometimes seem like a secondary component, new bike saddles are now designed based on first-rate studies, manufacturing, and overall design concepts. 

The Bottom Line: Don't Sleep on Your Bike Saddle

If you're really looking for an upgrade for your bike, consider upgrading your bike saddle. Besides improving your bikes overall look, you'll also get to bike more comfortably, ultimately enhancing your performance on the road. 

How Can We Help You?

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