Biking Comfort - 4 Factors That Contribute to Saddle Soreness

Besides manoeuvrability, comfort should be your priority when riding a bike. Whether you’ll use your pair of wheels to cross the mountainside or traverse through traffic, the long hours of sitting in the saddle can affect your driving. This nuisance can seem ignorable for a few minutes but will have a considerable impact during long rides. For this reason, you need to determine the cause of an uncomfortable saddle.

What’s the Cause of an Uncomfortable Saddle?

Saddle soreness occurs when a biker shifts their position on a saddle due to discomfort. The constant shifting from friction, moisture, and reduced blood flow could develop infected sores or furuncles. These can lead to redness and inflammation, which will last for days after leaving your bike. An infected hair follicle or furuncle can be treated clearly, but untreated boils may require antibiotics.

In this article, we’ll share four potential causes of your occasional saddle soreness.

1. Proper Positioning

Bikers should have a comfortable saddle and handlebar height for an optimal position. This will lead to better weight distribution and minimise rocking, which leads to unnecessary friction. Since leg discrepancies can lead to increased stress and pressure on your bottom, you need to have the proper bike fit.

2. Cycling Shorts Material

There’s a reason why professional bikers need to have specialised gear when going on long rides. This is because regular shorts aren’t built for prolonged idle positions on a bike saddle. The pads and material of cycling shorts will suit riders differently, depending on the brand. For this reason, you need to buy the right product that agrees with your body shape and bike saddle.

The safest option for comfort is bib shorts since they stay in position better during long rides. It’s best to pair this with boxer shorts that don’t use cotton since this material absorbs moisture and can promote skin irritation due to friction.

3. Friction

Too much friction mixed in with moisture is a recipe for soreness, especially if you’re constantly grinding the sides of your bike saddle. Besides your choice of cycling shorts, you can apply chamois cream to prevent saddle soreness. While it may feel strange to sit on a slimy bike saddle, you’ll discover how well it can change your comfort levels while riding. Chamois cream hydrates your skin and also prevents cracking, especially during hot weather.

4. Improper Cycling Buildup

Cycling training will teach you the necessity of building up slowly when riding a bike. This is similar to all forms of exercise, whether you’re lifting weights or running a marathon. Even if you technically have a seat while biking, the brunt of your force and weight adds stress to your bottom. For this reason, you need to distribute your weight evenly while gradually picking up your pace.

Novice riders are prone to sitting heavily on their saddles, leading to more bounces that cause friction. The proper position you should have is to place more weight on pedals to put you in a more advantageous position on the saddle.


The hardest problem to fix will be an uncomfortable saddle itself. This is because no amount of switching your clothing or changing your sitting position will improve your comfort levels. This is why it’s vital to buy quality replacements that will be a snug fit for your bottom. Thankfully, you can start your search online for the best bike seats in the market.

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