Choosing Cycling Gloves That Fit Your Needs - A Guide

'Fits like a glove' - there's a reason this phrase is frequently used to describe the ideal fit. Gloves are designed to fit your hand perfectly while also being exceptionally comfortable and well-suited. Cycling gloves, like any other piece of clothing, should 'fit like a glove.' Gloves are essential for cyclists because they protect their hands from the weather, wick away sweat, and provide for a strong and stable grip on the handlebar. So, what factors should be considered while selecting a pair of bicycle gloves? Continue reading to learn more.

1. Usage

The critical factor to consider when purchasing a pair of gloves is their intended use. When comparing mountain riding to road cycling, for example, the hand postures and pressure points differ. This, in turn, determines the design of the gloves and may have an effect on the overall efficacy of the gloves purchased.

2. Types of Glove

When shopping for gloves, there are two main types to choose from. When riding in hot weather, fingerless gloves are ideal since they allow you to feel the brakes and shifters while also allowing for better ventilation. They're more typically seen on road bikes.

Full-finger gloves provide a better grip and protection for mountain cyclists. Because of their increased covering, these gloves are an essential element of cold-weather bike clothing since slow-moving or even numb fingers can seriously impair your braking and shifting abilities.

Both types of gloves are often composed of synthetic leather in the palm for rubbing protection and other synthetics in the remainder of the glove for mobility and comfort, such as polyester and spandex. The best gloves feature breathability technology to minimise sweating.

3. Type of Cycling

Mountain biking gloves should be thicker and also have grip pads, whereas biking gloves for road cycling can be made of lycra and light materials. Additionally, gloves for road cycling should feature waterproofing, while gloves for mountain biking should have been designed with padding.

4. Material

Gloves are made of many materials such as cotton, leather, spandex, wool and synthetic leather. The choice of material depends on its intended use. Cotton gloves are ideal for cooler weather, leather gloves are very durable, and wool gloves are good for retaining warmth.

5. Padding

Padding is necessary to reduce the chances of road rash as well as to provide comfort while riding. Padding is usually made from gel, foam or leather.

6. Fit

Make sure the gloves fit your hands well. They should not be baggy, and the Velcro should be secure. Good gloves should fit snugly around your entire palm and fingers, so your hands are comfortable and well-protected.

The Verdict

When it comes to choosing the right pair of bike gloves, there are many points to be considered, as mentioned above. The best pair of gloves will be able to keep your hands protected from the elements, to let you grip the handlebar firmly and will be comfortable too.

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