Daytime Cycling Lights — What They Are and Why You Should Get One

If there is one thing that people love most about riding a bike, it is the sense of freedom it has to offer. With the winds blowing into your hair and the opportunity to navigate even through the tightest of spots, it seems like nothing is going to get in your way of experiencing the best biking session ever. Unfortunately, riding a bike on the road isn't the safest hobby to enjoy.

With countless vehicles constantly zooming by, bikers are always at risk of getting caught in an accident. As such, putting in all the possible safety measures that can help you protect yourself is crucial, and it also helps experience rides and views for the years to come.

Apart from wearing a helmet and wearing bright colours, there is one other thing you can do to enhance your safety when riding on the road: daytime lights.

What Are Daytime Lights?

To understand what daytime lights are, let us first talk about nighttime lights.

Nighttime lights are what you will have installed on your bike for the nighttime. It essentially serves as a visible blinking light to your bike that people can see, required by many vehicle codes. 

In the daytime, however, these nighttime lights are essentially useless simply because they aren't strong enough to create those attention-grabbing blinking lights. From there, we can gather that daytime lights are essentially like nighttime lights, but much, much stronger. 

They offer different features like rechargeable batteries and LEDs to emit strong light that people can easily notice, even during the brightest days. Some daytime lights can also react to certain weather conditions to ensure the biker remains as visible as possible to maximize safety.

Do Daytime Lights Actually Work?

Do daytime lights work, or are they nothing more than a gimmick? They do work. In 2011, drivers who invested in daytime lights experienced up to 25% fewer car accidents and 13% fewer accidents with motorbikes. This proved to the biking world that such safety features do have potential in keeping people safe, particularly cyclists.

A Danish study back in 2004 also showed a near 20% decrease in accidents for cyclists using daytime lights versus those who did not use them. Keep in mind that a majority of accidents occur during the daytime, so having this feature is simply a no-brainer for those wanting to maximize their safety while biking on the road.


If you're an avid cyclist looking for ways to improve your daytime biking safety, install a daytime cycling light. Research has already proven that these devices can decrease accident rates, but do take the time to compare different daytime lighting products at your disposal—pick one that offers everything you need!

Even if it means shelling out a little extra money for a high-quality device, know that the device can mean the difference between getting from point A to point B safely and ending up in a possibly fatal accident. That added safety makes the investment more worth it, so go ahead and grab yourself a quality daytime cycling light!

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