Dealing With Saddle Pain - How to Get Rid of Discomfort

There's no denying that the gears you choose for your bike can truly change your whole riding experience. When you fight the right saddle and proper bike fit, you get to prevent chapping and friction "down there," and this is particularly common with women.

Although women often experience saddle pain, fortunately, there are sure-shot ways to prevent this discomfort from happening in the first place. From choosing the most comfortable bike seat to integrating expert bike tips for a smoother ride—our team has got you covered. 

The Real Deal on Saddle Pain

While cycling is an enjoyable sport or hobby, you should know this—cycling isn't necessarily the most comfortable activity. There are regions in your body that need extra attention, particularly your vulva and your inner thigh area. When you're riding, it's crucial that these areas shouldn't be numb, in pain, or chaffed.

Tips on How to Prevent Saddle Pain for Women

We said it before, and we'll say it again—your fit and gear matter when it comes to cycling.

Tip #1: Wear the Right Cycling Shorts

With that being said, you need to ensure that you find suitable cycling shorts. Newbie cyclists should wear bike shorts that have a diaper-like pad sewn to the glutes. This not only provides a cushion between the saddle and your bum, but it also has bacteria-fighting benefits and prevents friction. Ideally, when looking for a pair, make sure the fit is snug and not too tight so that breathing isn't restricted. 

Tip #2: Skimp Out on the Underwear

Another thing you should note is that you shouldn't wear underwear with your bike shorts. Sadly, this is something that isn't shared with most newbie cyclists. The reason it's best to avoid wearing underwear with your bike shorts is because it makes your ride more comfortable since it avoids friction that can happen between the skin, underwear, and shorts. And besides, the point of the pads for your bike shorts is to protect that region anyway. 

Tip #3: Be Sure Your Gear Fits

After your cycling outfit, let's move over to gear, and when it comes to your bike, make sure you have the proper bike fit. Sure, getting a proper bike fit can be quite an investment, but trust us—this is worth the investment. With the right bike fit, you'll get to have a bike structure that's best suited for your body type. This will allow you to have enjoyable rides without the hassle, friction, and discomfort.

Tip #4: Choose a Bike Seat You Can Comfortably Sit On

It's equally as vital that you invest in the most comfortable bike seat so you can prevent saddle pains from the get-go. When you choose the right saddle, you can finally say goodbye to painful rides, which is not only good for your body but can also keep you safe on the road. 

The Bottom Line: Feel Empowered and Pain-Free with the Right Cycling Gear

There's no doubt that saddle pain can truly ruin your otherwise thrilling biking experience. But with our tips above and choosing the most comfortable bike seat for your bike fit, you'll definitely get rid of saddle pains and have empowering rides, making you feel more confident and comfortable in the streets. 

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