Finding the Bike That Fits Your Body Type The Best

The first thing to do when you buy a bike is to test out whether significant parts fit perfectly. You don't want an uncomfortable bike ride once you get around to using it.

Here is a short guide about everything you need to know about bike fits, and how to test out your new bike.

1) Look At the Size

It's important to know your height when buying a bike. Bicycles are available in different sizes, and you want to find the right one that fits your body.

Many bikes come in different sizes - from small to large, and it's important to know your height before you buy anything.

It's good to be able to sit on the bike, but you can also kneel down and be parallel with the ground. Then stick your butt out, and place your hand on your seat. If it is higher than the height of your knee, then that is the one for you.

The height of the seat is crucial when buying a bike, as you don't want to have to crouch down in order to reach it. You also want to make sure that your feet can rest on the ground comfortably when you're sitting on the seat.

2) Check the Handlebar Reach

The handlebars are also important when buying a bike. The handlebars put you in a good position when riding, and you want to have some suitable reach.

The handlebars should be placed so that you can comfortably ride and twist the handlebars without having to stretch out. Make sure that you can fit the handlebars with your legs at a level where your knees are not bent too much.

If the handlebars are too close, then you could end up having shoulder pain when you ride.

3) Set the Cleats

If you're buying a bike for cycling, then you want to make sure that the cleats are easy to reach.

The cleats should be easy to reach while you're cycling, and they should allow you to get your feet out of the pedals. You also want to make sure that the pedals are comfortable.

4) Test Out the Gears

Most bikes have gears, but not all of them come with the same amount of gears. You have to know what gears best suit you and your needs.

There are some bikes that have more gears than others, and generally, the more gears you have, the easier it is to ride.

5) Make Sure There is a Kickstand

The kickstand is the support you rest your bike on when it isn't in use. You want to make sure that the kickstand is sturdy, and it doesn't shake when you lean on it.

You also want to make sure that the kickstand is easy to remove, so you can fold the bike up.


Once you know what to look for when buying a bike, you'll be able to find the right one for you. A bicycle can be a great investment, so you want to make sure that you get the right one for you, especially if you intend to use it often.

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