How to Buy Bicycle Lights That Suit You the Best

Bike lights are an essential piece of safety equipment for any cyclist, and there are a few things to consider when purchasing a set. The most important factors are brightness and visibility, followed by runtime, weight, and price.

Cycling lights are available with many different outputs and functions. The newest models, a definition of lumens, and some of the latest features, such as rechargeable bike lights and bicycle LED lights, will all be covered in this article.

This article teaches how to buy the best bike lights by knowing what to look for.

How Do Bicycle Light Attachments Function?

The front and rear bicycle lights can be mounted in various ways. The two most popular types are clamp mounts and strap/band mounts.

Most rear and safety lights have an easy-to-use strap or band connection mechanism that can easily wrap around your handlebar or seat post without using the equipment. These mounts are perfect for commuter bike lights because they can be quickly and easily removed.

Clamp mounts are more typically employed when employing front lights that are bigger and more powerful. These are sturdier and can withstand rough terrain and frequent use. In most clamp installations, the light unit has a quick-release mechanism, making it still simple to remove the light.

Which Bicycle Lights Suit You The Best?

Your choice of the best bicycle lights depends on your riding and the conditions you ride in. Choose the category that most accurately describes your riding from the list below.

For City Bikers

Your top goal should be to make sure you are visible to other road users if you are cycling in a built-up area and the path or road is well-lit.

In addition to numerous flashing modes, "safety lights" frequently have at least one constant lighting mode. Additionally, they increase your side visibility so that other vehicles and pedestrians can see you at intersections.

For Adventurers

For both "seeing" and "being seen," you'll need a strong front light if your commute involves dark roads or trails.

Anything with a lumen output of 200 or more can cast a beam onto the road and give adequate light for traveling at a reasonable speed on unlit roads and trails.

A brighter colour could be better if the terrain is difficult, or there will probably be obstacles along the way.

For Serious Road Riding

Consider seriously raising your brightness output if cycling requires rapid movement along darkened roads.

A strong front light is required to illuminate the path ahead and spot potholes, wandering badgers, and lost people.

We're referring to powerful front lights mounted on bars in this category; ideally, they should have an output of at least 600 lumens.

Choosing the proper illumination modes is essential to manage your energy reserves for longer rides and adjust your light output to your surroundings.

Use Backup and Safety Lights

For road riding, powerful front lights frequently have a very focused beam so you can see where you're going without blinding oncoming traffic. This drawback is that they might not be as obvious from the side.

Consider adding a second road cycling safety light to the front of your bike for improved side-on visibility. When in flashing mode, it will make you more visible on the road and serve as a backup light in case your primary light breaks.

Drivers on the road behind you will see you clearly from a distance if your back has a bright safety light. You may increase your visibility by employing two lights at once in flashing mode, just like commuter lights do.


Over the past few years, bicycle lights have dramatically improved. Thanks to more efficient rechargeable batteries and LED technologies, it is no longer an excuse not to be able to see or be seen at night. Always choose a light that will last longer than the average length of your trip. Doing this will conserve energy if you need to take a detour or stop for a mechanical problem.

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