How to Choose the Best Bike Lights - Our Professional Guide

Bicycle lights are a crucial component of the biking lifestyle since they’re necessary for multiple terrains and times of the day. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of bike light choices available today, which may confuse you if you need to find one. But luckily, you just have to keep reading to learn more about bike lights and find the best one for you. 

This guide will provide you with four defining qualities to look for in a bike light. Take this as an opportunity to ensure that you are ready for anything during any sort of bike ride.

  1. Convenient charging for your mobile device 

Remember—not all bike lights are created equal. Some variants are not manufactured well for the day, which makes them useless at certain times. But what if we told you that your bike light could charge your mobile device, much like a power bank? 

That’s right; the Flare Recon LED Waterproof Recon Powerbank is the perfect dual-purpose bike light that is a light source by night and also a power source by day. Now, you can bike around with your mobile phone and reach your destination with a fully charged device. You won’t have to worry about missing a tweet or text. 

You can also use your mobile phone as a navigator for your bike trips. All you need to do is log on to your phone’s map app, like Google Maps, place it on your bike’s phone holder, and use the Flare Recon LED Waterproof Recon Powerbank for accessible charging. Visit the product page to learn more about this unique and impressive bike light. 

  1. Easy to install and durable

Traditional bike lights were always hard to install and unreliable. They rust quickly after repeated use and easily run out of power. To replace them, you had to go to the bike shop and buy brand new ones. Thankfully, the best bike lights are easier to install and charge.

The Flare Recon 5 LED Rechargeable Bike Light is the best example of modern, easy-to-install bike lights with our double-secure mounting bands. You can also charge it easily for two hours to make sure you have a strong signal light during your long-hour night rides. 

You don’t have to worry about the Flare Recon 5 LED Rechargeable Bike Light when it’s raining because it is made of weather-resistant material, ensuring a reliable light signal for your safety. Check out this page to learn more about this modern bike light. 

  1. Check the customer reviews 

There are many modern bicycle products online being sold to many customers. This means that you can find good reviews on bike lights and other related equipment, like the latest upgrades for breathable bicycle saddles. Think of these reviews as a way to interact with other biking enthusiasts who are just as passionate about finding the best bicycle equipment. 

At Cushbike, we have many customer reviews on our products that assure you we can provide the best. You can also get a better understanding of your situation and what kind of bicycle equipment you may need to fit your lifestyle as a biker. Once you buy our products, don’t forget to leave your review for the Cushbike community to help others like you. 


Bicycle lights are essential for bikers of all skill sets to provide a better view of their surroundings. You just need to find the best bike light supplier to maximise your biker’s budget. Take note of all the previously mentioned qualities of the best bike light and buy yours today!

Are you looking for high-quality bike lights and the most comfortable bike seat? We at Cushbike can provide you with that. We offer fast and free nationwide delivery in the UK and have gotten great customer reviews on our premium bike products. Contact us today to upgrade your bike and stay safe while riding. 

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