How to Choose the Perfect Bike Seat for a Comfortable Ride

As any cyclist will tell you, your biking experience is primarily affected by your bicycle seat's comfortability. It's true; no one can last hours of riding a bike if they are uncomfortable or experiencing pain. Women, in particular, are having problems with the saddle that comes with their bikes because they are designed for a man's anatomy. That said, depending on a man's physique and other factors, men might suffer from discomfort, too. 

The key is finding the right bicycle saddle for your specific needs. It sounds simple, but there are countless options in truth, and because comfort varies from one person to another, it can be challenging to find the perfect seat. There are also a few things that you need to factor in, like the type of riding you do and the type of cushioning you're looking for, among others.  

We at Cushbike understands the importance of finding the right saddle, so we're sharing some tips on how to find the best one for you:

1. Take a measurement of your sit bones

Before you start looking for saddles, it's best to already know the distance between your sit bones because that will dictate the width of the seat that you need. If you are not sure how to do this, your local bike shop should be able to help you. 

2. Consider your flexibility and usual biking position

Do a quick test of your flexibility to know better whether you need a more rounded saddle or a flatter one. If you can easily touch your toes when you're sitting on the ground, you're flexible, and you can sit comfortably on a flat saddle. If you are less flexible, it means you are more likely to shift around on your seat, and you'd be comfier on a rounded saddle.

You must also think about how you usually ride your bike. Do you often bend forward, or do you maintain an upright position? Know that if you are leaning forward, you are adding more pressure to your pelvic area, which during longer rides means experiencing numbness or pain. 

3. Choose the right saddle shape

Every biker is built differently, and that's why saddles of various shapes are available. The biggest factor is your gender. Females are often more comfortable sitting on a wide bike seat, while males prefer a narrower one. 

Gender is not the only consideration, though. The type of cycling you do must be taken into account, as well. If you are a racer who often needs to speed downhill, you will need a different saddle from, say, a mountain biker and a road racer. 

What to Do Once You Find the Right Saddle

Once you get your saddle installed, there are a few tweaks that you need to do to ensure that you get to enjoy the seat that you have chosen.

First, you need to set it to the right height. This will let you pedal more efficiently and help you prevent any pain. You can get your bike professionally fitted or figure out the correct inseam yourself.

You also need to position your saddle so that it isn't set too far forward or back, as this could affect your biking posture and possibly hurt your arms, neck, and back. Similarly, make sure that the seat isn't pointing too far up or too far down. Again, ask your local bike experts if they can do a bike fitting for you so that you can get the ideal riding position.


Finding the perfect saddle can make your ride more enjoyable than ever. It could very well be the difference between just a few minutes of an uncomfortable biking experience of hours of having fun and enjoying where your pedaling takes you.

If you are still looking for the most comfortable bike seat, you are in the right place. Cushbike can help you find the perfect saddle, as well as other accessories you might need for your bike. Check out our products and find out how you can get more out of your regular biking!

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