How to Customise Your Cycling Training for Different Events

A lot goes into preparing for a cycling event. In general, it’s an endurance sport, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the highest quality gear that’ll get you through the entire duration of the event. Aside from what you wear, it also means your bottle cage, clipless pedals, wheels, and even your bicycle seat. Make sure all of these are in top condition before every cycling activity.

However, there’s more to an event preparation than guaranteeing you’ve got the most comfortable bike seat—although that is important too. You also have to consider your cycling training. It’s going to differ depending on the event you’re joining, and here’s how so:

An Endurance Ride Needs More Stamina and Strength

An endurance ride is one of the most common events cyclists prepare for, and it’s a type of event that requires training focused on achieving longer miles on the bike. Your training days will most likely consist of weekends, as it is when most people have extended free time.

With that in mind, you’ll need to set weekly goals wherein you strive to increase your distance to build on your stamina and strength. You don’t necessarily have to reach the same distance you must hit during the event, but you’ll want to get to at least 80 per cent of that. In the last few days of your training, you’ll want to focus on shortening your rides, but with increased intensity, to condition your body to ride at a higher pace.

A Multi-Day Tour Needs Back-to-Back Days of Training

A multi-day tour requires you to undergo back-to-back days of training covering hundreds of kilometres. As much as possible, try to get in at least five to eight consecutive days of training. 

The intensity and consistency you perform will increase your endurance considerably and help your body adjust to sustained distance riding. You can see now why you’ll want a comfortable bicycle seat for your events.

A Time Trial Cycling Demands More Speed

A time trial event is much more different from the other two as it’ll demand more speed from you. You’ll be riding at a faster pace for a shorter period. You’ll want to focus your training on your pedalling skills.

You can do this by doing long pedalling intervals in the target speed of the event but with short, slower breaks in between. Do this until you sustain the full pace for the entire distance.

Your recovery time for this kind of training is crucial. Make sure to give yourself days off to rest, giving your muscles time to rebuild entirely.


Different cycling events require different kinds of training, but they all demand endurance and speed from a cyclist. Try to change up your workout to prioritise which of these skills the event requires the most and, of course, give your body time to recover accordingly.

With that being said, event preparations aren’t complete if you haven’t got the right gear. Making sure everything is top quality factors into how well you perform at the event.

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