Just Deal With It - Preventing Bad Biking Experiences

Bikes are awesome and give us great exercise. There are few things that compare to cycling trips with the cool outdoor breeze in your hair. However, bad cycling experiences are inevitable. It’s not always something to be embarrassed about, but there are ways to handle these incidents.

Here are some common notable issues you may have to deal with sometimes:

Bad Bike Seats

The wrong bicycle seats will cause discomfort. This is exacerbated even more by the fact that that region is particularly sensitive.

You might get alarming feelings of numbness in your perineum area, which is where the bike seat comes into contact. It may bear the weight of our whole upper body, pressing on numerous blood vessels and nerves. In men, this may cause erectile dysfunction—among other things.

Bad bike seats have been known to cause gastrointestinal stress as well. In addition to severe and unpredictable flatulence, you may eventually have less control over your bowels than you think. 

Our bums do not deserve the torture. If these issues remain unaddressed, they may result in long-lasting or even permanent damage. You need to upgrade to a comfortable bicycle seat wide enough to support your bottom and comfortable enough for more long rides. Luckily, there are different kinds of seats for people of all shapes and sizes. You do not need to sacrifice your health for your love of riding a bike.

Excess Body Sweat

Some people sweat a lot, some not so much. You may be better off with quick-drying base layer exercise tops. The combination of damp clothing, outdoor elements, and microbes may cause a stink. If you use bikes to travel to and from work, this is just unacceptable. Having a bottle of water or Gatorade may help, but excessive sweaters or sufferers of hyperhidrosis will sweat no matter what.

People with hyperhidrosis and many other bicyclists may also experience that dreaded foot stink from excess sweating in the feet. It stems from a combination of sweat and bacteria in the socks and in between toes. Clean them thoroughly with soap and water after. Remember to disinfect them with alcohol before and after and keep them dry at all times.

There are also many products in the market that can deal with all sorts of body and foot odours. Experiment with these until you find the one that works.

Better Biking Now

Your cycling can be better if you change some key features of your bike and buy the right gear. This is the point where we have to reconsider our options. You can start with one of the most important parts of the bike: the bike seat. Being able to sit comfortably on your bike can improve the experience and reduce your risks of numbness and other conditions. It also definitely helps if you deal with the excess sweat and body odour.

Cushbike can make your bicycling more comfortable using the most comfortable bike seat available in the UK. Our wider, more comfortable bicycle seats will give you joy and reduce discomfort. We also carry a range of bike accessories and parts. If you want real change, choose comfort for your own good today!  

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