Our Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cycling for New Riders

Because of the pandemic that hit us early this year, many people were forced to stay home and could only head out for essential journeys. With that, many people make the most of their essentials journey by squeezing in some outdoor exercise, and a great way to do that is through cycling. 

Since cycling is incredibly convenient and provides you with a bit of a cardio workout, many are shifting to this mode of transportation during these unprecedented times. However, if you're cycling for the first time, you may come across a few challenges, and some questions along the way, such a "What's the most comfortable bike seat?", "Should I build my bike?" or "Where do I begin?"

You can answer all these questions over time; however, in this article, we tried our best to come up with all the answers you may need to begin your bike journey. Here are some tips you need to know to kick start your cycling adventure!

1. Purchase a bike from your local bike shop

When you buy your bike from a local bike shop, finding the right bike that fits you, setting it up, and monthly services and maintenance will be incredibly convenient for you. Since they are conveniently located, you can seek advice from them from time to time, allowing you to save some cash in the long run. 

Besides that, when you support local businesses, you're helping your local economy grow, especially during these unprecedented times. 

2. Start to get comfortable with your bike

Before you start your cycling journey, ensure that your bike fits you, and is comfortable to use. Nowadays, many cyclists tweak their bikes to make sure it fits them perfectly and improves their cycling performance. However, there are a few things you need to consider when adjusting your bike. 

For example, your saddle height is vital for your cycling performance. To make sure it's the right height, place your heel on the pedal at its furthest away point. When you do this, your leg should be straight. Next, you should notice a slight bend in your elbows, too. You'll know the distance and reach is right when the front wheel isn't visible under your handlebars when you ride. 

3. Invest in bike parts and kits

In the beginning, cycling can seem like an expensive hobby; however, it may benefit you in the long run, especially when you invest in comfortable and high-quality parts and materials. Here are a few items you should invest in:

  • Helmet
  • Bicycle seats
  • Bike lights
  • Cycling wear
  • Shoes
  • Pedals
  • Repair tools
  • Lock

4. Don't put up with discomfort

A common mistake that new riders make is that they ignore discomfort when they ride, thinking they need to "break-in" their bikes. However, once you feel a bit of pain, it's best to do something about it right away. 

For example, if you're experiencing saddle discomfort, it's best to have your saddle replaced. Thankfully, because it's a common issue, there are many styles and designs you can choose from that will best fit your body and relieve you from these discomforts. 

It's best to visit your local bike shop to help you choose parts to replace and that would best fit your body and style so you can ride around town without worrying about aches and pains. 


Cycling is a healthier, safer, and eco-friendly mode of transportation, especially during a pandemic. If you want to squeeze in a bit of cardio and start your cycling journey, good for you! Head to your nearest local bike shop, get a better bicycle seat and start sprinting your way to your grocery store; you'll be able to get your essentials and get that much-needed workout all in one go.

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