The 3 Best Bike Saddles for 3 Different Riding Positions

Getting into bicycling can be a bit of a challenge. It involves building up your endurance and getting the hang of your cycling form. For first-time cyclists and those who have taken a break from it, this might be, quite literally, a painful process. A little soreness is to be expected as you get used to it. 

However, there comes a point when this pain becomes unnecessary. After all, cycling should give you joy. That means investing in the good-quality cycling gear, including the most comfortable bicycle seats. It goes even further than that; your seat should be adjusted perfectly to your body to ensure that your form is not hindered and you are sitting comfortably. 

To that end, we have created this guide to achieving more comfort on your bike, depending on your current riding position. 

The Upright Riding Position

This position is made for more leisurely riding. When you think of cycling down long winding hills with the wind in your hair amidst a beautiful landscape, this is the position you should be in. If this is the type of riding you do, it might be better to get a wider seat that prioritises comfort. It might also be better to have a cruiser or hybrid bike.

The upright riding position involves sitting completely upright while pedalling slowly. All your weight must sit on the seat directly, which means a wide. With a wide seat designed for comfort, however, it is important to pedal with your feet slightly ahead to ensure that your form is perfect. 

The Regular Riding Position

This is often used for recreational riding at higher speeds; it is necessary for those who cycle for fitness or as part of their commute. This involves leaning forward slightly while pedalling fast, which allows for your weight to be transferred to the handlebars and pedals. For this purpose, a medium-width seat that is moderately-padded is the best choice, especially if it is placed on a flat-bar road bike, mountain bike, or city bike. 

A bike with this combination is better suited for faster pedalling as it will not interfere with your thighs as you ride.

The Pro Riding Position

The pro riding position is the type commonly observed in competitive races like the Tour de France. It involves leaning far forward and pedalling very quickly. The rider’s weight would then be supported in nearly equal amounts by the seat, bars, and pedals. If you find yourself race biking or needing to pedal fast on your commute, the most comfortable bicycle seat for this would be a narrow and lightly-padded seat on a road-racing or racing mountain bike.

This position is optimum for using the weight to boost your speed, and also serves the purpose of better distributing the weight on the bike. It is also known to reduce drag and wind resistance. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever type of bicycling you do, it is important to invest in comfort. After all, you wouldn’t want to develop sores that can take you away from the glorious hobby. With the right bicycle seat on the right bike, you can enjoy the wind against your skin without having to worry at all about ending up in pain. 

If you’re looking for the most comfortable bicycle seats for your riding style, send us at Cushbike a message. We have the best bicycle gear for cyclists of all experience levels. We also have a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products. 

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