The 3 Best Things About Using Leather Bike Saddles

Innovations are constantly coming through when it comes to biking gear. Many can be helpful in making the hobby that much more accessible, while others aim to just improve the cycling experience. 

When it comes to saddles, many materials are being interchanged in order to see what exactly can make the bike seat a little better to sit on. It isn’t always the best quality for anyone’s bum, after all, so finding an extra layer of padding might be just the trick.

Many tend to go for more affordable bike saddles like nylon plastic or carbon fibre, but those do have a rather tough exterior to feel. If you’re looking to become a regular cyclist, investing in a leather bike saddle might possibly be the best move for you. Here’s why using that is better:

Leather Bike Saddles Help Secure a Rider

Going the distance means staying on the bike for long periods of time, translating to more opportunities for accidents. Saddles are made for safety, but the leather kicks it up by allowing it to work with your pedalling and adjusting movements rather than being stationary on the seat.

Plus, even when you aren’t conscious of it, the body’s lower regions are exposed to a lot of pressure while it’s pressed to the saddle. Everyone can feel a growing numbness in their regions, which isn’t the most ideal thing if you want to maintain your pelvic area in good condition. Leather saddles are much more forgiving and flexible for regular use.

Leather Bike Saddles Just Feel Very Snug

Cyclists always have a resounding complaint that their bike seat or current bike saddle would feel hard or narrow. It can cause anyone to stop for a good while just to rest their bottoms before going again. Luckily, leather bike saddles are the epitome of comfort for your buttocks, thanks to the padding and support it provides.

As implied above, leather material can be a little more flexible regarding the compression you get from sitting on a bike for so long. Leader bike saddles are soft and have the ability to stretch and accommodate you so that pain is significantly reduced. 

Leather Bike Saddles Are Long-Lasting

One more good thing about leather bike saddles is the high quality that you will be receiving. Although you might have to spend a couple of extra pounds on it, it can be relatively cost-efficient to just get a saddle that will last a long time rather than getting a cheaply made one that will be constantly replaced every month or so, if you’re lucky. 

With just the proper care and maintenance, you can be surprised at how long you can keep a leather bike saddle. It doesn’t hurt that they just really look better and enhance the overall appearance of your bike no matter how much time passes. 


That being said, leather bike saddles are already quite popular among the cycling community. If you’re hoping to snag your own and achieve that comfortable experience while cycling away, there’s no better time than now.

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