The Best Beginner Cycling Tips for a Fun Adventure

We understand that cycling can feel overwhelming at first. But we're here to say: Riding bikes should be fun. To make your experience more enjoyable, we've rounded up the best beginner biking tips for you to use when you ride out there.

1. Always Wear a Helmet

You should always wear a helmet, not simply because it's the first rule of the road. Simply consider that a significant percentage of cyclist deaths occur in crashes with motor vehicles. If you want to save a life and protect yourself, wear a helmet.

2. Make Sure You're Riding with a Group

You're much less likely to get hurt while on a bike when you're cycling with a group. Perhaps it's because riding with a crowd discourages you from doing dangerous things—or it's because an extra set of eyes and ears can help you avoid a potentially scary situation.

3. Know the Rules of the Road

Learn the rules of the road before you start biking. Also, make sure you don't listen to your favourite music while you're biking—we realise that this is a common problem for cyclists, but it can be dangerous to your health. 

4. Always Kick Down Your Stand

Kick down your stand when you're done riding, even if you're parked right outside of your apartment. It's not just a courtesy to your bike—it's also a courtesy to the next person who uses the bike rack.

5. Avoid Riding in the Busy Areas

You're going to want to stick with the less-busy areas when you're riding your bike for the very first time. That's because, when you're not used to oncoming traffic, it can seem like cars are coming at you at high speed.

6. Don't Stop in the Middle of the Street

If you're trying to pick up something from the street or just trying to lock your bike up, always look in the direction of oncoming traffic first. You don't want to be in the middle of a busy street or, even worse, a busy intersection when a car comes around the corner.

7. Wear Bright and Reflective Clothing

You might feel like you look like a dork if you put on a neon-coloured jacket or a bright shirt—but the truth is, it's going to help you stay safe. Bright and reflective clothing makes it easier for drivers to see you. That's especially important at night.

8. Use a Front and Rear Light, Especially at Night

It's essential to have a front and a backlight on your bike, especially if you're biking after dark. That's because bikes make it much easier to see when there's a light on—which is why it's essential to make sure your bike is properly lit up when you hit the streets.


Mastering the basics of biking can save your life or the life of another cyclist. So if you're new to biking in general, take these beginner biking tips and use them to help yourself out. We promise you, a safer you is an excellent goal to have.

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