The Comfort of the Ride - 6 Factors for Beginner Bikers to Consider

Long bike ride sessions call for hours sitting on your saddle. A long bike ride is a great way to relax; after all, you’ll be breathing fresh air and coming across the most amazing views. However, as you are passing by each kilometre, it would be no surprise if you were to find yourself having discomfort on your rear end. 

To make the most out of your biking experience, you need to invest in the right equipment. Getting a decent saddle, using the right equipment, and tweaking the settings of your bike are all necessary to assure the best ride. By knowing some of the basics, you can have the best rides in the open road.

Here are some things beginner bikers need to consider to have a comfortable ride on their bikes:

Finding the most suitable bike saddle

You must keep in mind that a good saddle will always depend on how it fits. A bike saddle's width should be designed to fit the space between your pelvic bone. Another factor to consider is the saddle's seating position. 

Finding the ideal bicycle saddle could surely prove difficult, especially when it comes to comfort. Many new cyclists often choose saddles that are softer, while most veteran riders have an understanding that a firmer bike saddle would turn out to be more comfortable to ride for longer durations. 

Finding the ideal sitting position

When sitting on your saddle, you should be able to touch the ground with the tip of your feet. If you are able to easily touch the entirety of your sole on the ground, then your seat height is too low. 

Keep in mind that your knees shouldn't go above your thighs when pedalling. Improper seat height could cause knee injuries, so be aware of your height while seated!

Wearing proper cycling gear

Considerably the most important part of becoming a proper cyclist is to have proper cycling gear. The padding on cycling shorts and their flexibility is what greatly differentiates them from normal shorts. When purchasing cycling shorts, however, it's good to note that it must have a perfectly tight fit that settles comfortably around the seams of their waistband and thigh area. 

Avoiding a sore backside

Friction between your skin and shorts could easily turn out into a painful case of rashes. What makes this dangerous is that you usually aren't able to just stop riding as soon as you feel pain. To avoid getting rashes and sore spots, you should think about applying milkfat or petroleum jelly to help lubricate the affected areas.

Installing saddle covers

When going on especially longer bike rides, it would be a good idea to install a bike seat cushion to help maintain comfort throughout the ride. When purchasing saddle covers, you should bear in mind that a good way to start is to find one that is both water-repellent and nonslip, so that you could prevent the saddle from getting moist and uncomfortable!

Practice your sitting position

Everyone experiences soreness and rashes throughout a bike ride after abstaining from training. However, it is still good to practice your sitting position to help prevent the soreness. Having your body weight distributed evenly throughout the bike's contact points could greatly alleviate any discomfort.

If you ever plan on participating in a cycling tour, you should consider preparing yourself as well as your bike. Being prepared for a long bike ride could greatly improve your comfort as a cyclist. Keep training as this might be able to make cycling a much more enjoyable experience, and remember that being consistent is a great way to maintain both your equipment and your fitness.


Comfortability on your bike isn’t an exact science—but by knowing the basics, you can make every ride a breeze to cycle through. By investing in the right equipment from the right supplier, even a beginner can have smooth and comfortable rides, even in the roughest of trails!

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