Tips to Improve Comfort and Riding Power

When you first get on your bike, one of the first things you'll notice is if you fit in it well and if you feel comfortable. Many bikers have a common misconception that the first few rides aren't meant to be comfortable and that you have to break the bike in. Sadly, that's not entirely true. 

The way you position yourself on the bike makes a significant difference in your comfort, aerodynamics and power. Even if it's recommended for cyclists and athletes to get a professional bike fit, different methods can help you troubleshoot this on your own. It could be as simple as looking for a better bicycle seat or even changing its cushion. 

If you're interested in getting your bike to fit you, keep reading. Here are some of our bike fit tips that will help improve your comfort and riding power. Let's get to it!

1. Try the saddle before purchasing one

One of the most tedious parts of modifying your bike to fit your body properly is when you need to try a bunch of saddles that give you an ideal fit. You want to find a saddle with the right curvature, width, shape and one that is comfortable for you. 

Getting a saddle with more curvature allows more flexibility through the hips and lower back. Besides that, it will enable you to rotate your hips easily without putting pressure on your sensitive areas. As for your saddle's width and padding, it's vital to choose one that will help you stay comfortable and improve your performance, especially during long rides. This is why choosing the right bicycle seat is essential.  

2. Modify your saddle setback

The next thing you want to do when fixing your bike for a better fit is to determine your saddle setback. You can do this by moving your saddle forward and back so that your knee is over the pedal spindle if you place the crank in the 3 o'clock position.

3. Fix your saddle height

When you're fixing your saddle height, start in a level position that is parallel to the floor. While you're sitting on the saddle, start pedalling with your heels on the pedal. Your foot must remain in contact with the pedal with the right height without needing to rock your hips. 

This tip is essential for any bikes, even those you take for a spin class in the fitness centre! Having the right saddle height will improve your performance significantly and make your ride longer and faster. 

4. Mind the shoe-pedal connection

Another thing you should consider is the connection between your shoe and pedal. Ideally, you want to ensure that the pedal's platform is wide enough so that you feel secure. Besides that, ensure that you adjust the cleat appropriately so that you're stable and that the connection is tight. 

Remember that the angling of your cleats and its lateral distance is dependent on your body structure. Because of this, you need to ensure that you don't feel any twisting or tension in any parts of your body, especially the ankles, knees and hips.

5. Notice your handlebar width

Lastly, another thing you should remember is the width of your handlebar. When you have smaller hands or a shorter torso, a shallow drop bar will work better for you. Also, the width of the bar should match the width of your shoulders, allowing you to keep your arms in a neutral position when your hands are positioned on the brake hoods.

Besides that, make sure your handlebar isn't too long or too short. You should be able to reach the hoods with a comfortable bend in your elbows without feeling like you need to adjust your body and scoot your body forward on the saddle. 


Whatever modifications you're doing to your bike, the main goal is that you can ride your bike without sustaining any injuries, allowing you to ride a bike for years. Besides safety and comfort, the right fit will give you more power and help you ride efficiently for longer. Begin fixing your bike fit with your bicycle seat and check out Cushbike, you'll find the perfect premium bicycle seat that will help kickstart your journey!

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