What Are the Different Types of Cycling Gloves - A Guide

Cycling gloves are not essential, but they are vital if you want your hands to stay damage-free if you fall. They give extra protection against road rash, and are important for comfort, safety and to help with damping.

What Are the Different Types of Cycling Gloves? A Guide

There are basically two types of cycling gloves: Fingerless and Full-Finger bike gloves. Fingerless gloves are perfect for the spring season, particularly if you're on a bike with drop handlebars. They offer great comfort and control while still maintaining a low profile. On the other hand, full-finger bike gloves offer protection and warmth. They are more suited to cooler weather and can also be used in the rain.


Fingerless gloves are designed to provide additional finger protection while also not getting in the way of controls, levers, and movements on the handlebars.

There are different designs of fingerless cycling gloves, but the most common ones have padding on the palm, on the side of the thumb, and also on the back of the hand and sometimes the wrist.

These gloves are often made of breathable materials to help keep your hands cool. Because they are fingerless, they are usually lighter than full-finger gloves, which means that you don't need to be as concerned about your hands getting too hot while moving around on the bike.


Full finger gloves are designed to offer full finger protection. They are usually made to be waterproof, so they're perfect for winter riding. It's worth noting that, even though cyclists can use full-finger gloves in the summer, they don't provide the same type of freedom of movement as fingerless gloves.

The main characteristic of full-finger gloves is that they have a thicker, more padded palm and fingers, which means that they're warmer and better at protecting your hands in the event of a fall.

Reasons to Wear Bike Gloves

1 - Better Grip

The main reason people wear bike gloves is to have a better grip on the handlebars. Bike gloves are particularly useful for winter riding when the hands can get cold, as they provide warmth and protection.

2 - Comfort and Protection

You don't want to be going long distances on your bike with an uncomfortable glove that squeezes your hands too tightly or rubs against your skin. Wearing a snug but comfortable glove will help you ride longer.

3 - Safety

In the event of an accident, bike gloves can help save the skin on your hands from burning from the friction on the road, or from getting cut by falling on sharp objects.


Despite the role of bike gloves being very minimal, they can still be essential. For a bike rider, the condition of one's hands can determine how much time you spend riding your bike. If you have damaged, cut or burnt hands, then using your bike becomes uncomfortable and inconvenient. So, don't skimp out. Invest in a good pair of bike gloves before going on your next ride.

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