What You Must Consider When Choosing a Women's Saddle

For the best possible bike ride in terms of comfort and enjoyment, it's important for you to choose the correct saddle for your bike. By default, bike components are unisex. One of the few things that are not? The saddle, also known as the bicycle seat. The women's saddle has a specific build which allows the best support one can get for your pelvic anatomy and sit bones (ischial tuberosities).

Women's Saddle

It is a rather understandable curiosityhow can a women's saddle improve a woman’s comfort during bike-riding? The answer lies in your sit bones, which, as the name suggests, are the bones you sit on. Women's sit bones go at an average of a centimetre wider than that of men. This is why women who ride bikes generally tend to saddle further back; this way, the pressure is reduced. A saddle made specifically for women will have a slightly wider rear and somewhat shorter front than the standard unisex one.

How do I measure my sit bones?

While it may seem complicated, measuring your sit bone properly is quite easy. In fact, it can very well be done at home. There are several free video tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere online that you can watch. This way, you can be certain of what your bone width is.

Best Saddle Style Choice

There are a few things to consider when trying to find your ideal women's saddle. The cover just needs to be made in such a way that you will not end up chafing. This means no seams or any elements in the design that can cause this. For the saddle proper, you must take into consideration the type of bike you will be getting. Also, consider the kind of bike-riding you will be partaking in. Does it involve trails? Will you be competing? Look into every option available to you until you find what may suit you best.

  • Mountain/Hybrid Bike - Another 20mm to your saddle width can make all the difference. This way, there is additional comfort and support for you while in a stable, upright position as you ride. Firm padding comes in particularly handy here, especially if it's made of leather.
  • Racing Mode - In this case, there will be extra pressure more towards the saddle's front. If performance is the most vital part of the ride, there is no need for any extra distance to your saddle. Focus, instead, on the railsthe bars which the seat post clamps to, under the saddle.
  • Road Endurance - Going for long distances when you ride your bike? Adding 10mm to your saddle width will help in the balance between comfort and weight.


Bikes are unisex, yes, but there are specific things about a women's saddle that make it best to get one. Mainly, the biggest difference is that there was thought put into supporting sit bones and pelvic anatomy, all the way to the bike seat cushion. Choose the style wisely and be sure to measure your sit bones. Most of all, enjoy the ride!

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