Why Cycling Early in the Morning Is the Best Workout for You

If you like to work out and travel, why not engage in a physical activity that combines the best of both worlds? We’re talking about taking a ride on your bicycle early in the morning. Imagine the open road, the golden light of the sun, and basking in the ambience of the fresh morning air all while enjoying a quiet ride on your bicycle. Not many people appreciate the beauty and the benefits of early morning cycling. This guide aims to convince you why doing it actually benefits you. So tighten your bicycle saddle and grease your bike’s chains because here are four reasons why now is the perfect time to try it yourself.

1. Morning Rides for the Morning Person

If you’re a morning person, then you’ll surely enjoy the idea of cycling early in the morning. Around 5:00 AM would be the ideal time to do this. It’s still too early for other people, and there won’t be that much traffic in the streets, making it the perfect time for some lone cycling. You’ll be able to enjoy your own company while working out your body and enjoying the sunrise.

2. If You’re Not a Morning Person, You’ll Still Enjoy It

If morning people enjoy cycling early, those who aren’t exactly fond of waking up early will still find it refreshing for them. Mornings may hit some of us like a brick to the head, but that’s a great reason to embrace the early morning ride. If you want a change of pace in your lifestyle, starting a bike routine in the early hours of the morning would be an excellent start for you. The first few weeks may be rough since you’re not used to that setup, but if you keep doing it regularly, you’ll eventually find yourself liking it and even looking forward to those early mornings.

3. Replace Your Coffee Habit with Cycling

We all know how people like to have a nice cup of coffee in the morning. While caffeine gives you just enough kick in the morning to jumpstart your brain and your body, there’s an even better way of doing that. Cycling, or even just doing any physical activity early in the morning, can help you get the blood pumping and wake your entire body up. It helps you produce endorphins, which are hormones that produce a positive feeling in your body. The best part about it is you won’t feel the uncomfortable effects of a caffeine crash. Instead, your mood and energy levels will remain at higher levels throughout the day.

4. Set the Tone for Your Day

Starting your day right matters more than you would think. So if you want to have a peaceful but refreshing start for your day, cycling early in the morning is a good option. Making those first few disciplined decisions of your day can make everything else feel a lot easier. You’ll also feel better physically because of the rush brought by your early morning workout. If you want to always start your day right, then waking up early for a cycling session is the key.


Mornings may not come naturally to everyone, but cycling early in the morning is a great way to put you in that habit. With all these benefits you can get from cycling, there’s really no reason for you not to try it.

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