Why Install a Mobile Phone Mount on Your Bicycle

Why Install a Mobile Phone Mount on Your Bicycle?

Enjoying a relaxing bike ride will never be the same without putting some certain quality of life improvements you can get from a range of bike accessories. From bicycle headlights to water bottle holders, these accessories can definitely help you cycle easier and for longer. One such accessory is a bike phone mount, which allows you to attach your phone to your bike, which comes with a couple of benefits. Let’s discuss some of those benefits and how important a universal bike phone mount is to your cycling experience.

Benefit #1: Navigation

If you like to explore around the city on your bike, having a phone holder just makes it easier to explore since you now have the option to navigate. Cars and motorcycles have benefited from phone holders for many years, and they rely on those phone holders first and foremost due to their navigating capabilities. You can easily fire up Waze or Google Maps before you set off, giving you a real-time map, at a glance, to tell you where you’re headed and the distance to your objective.

Benefit #2: See Who’s Calling

Even if your phone is connected to headphones through Bluetooth, you can’t really know who’s ringing you when you’re on the road. The best and easiest way to know who’s calling you is by putting your device on a bike phone mount so you can easily see your phone’s screen at a glance. You don’t have to stop, take out your phone from a pouch or bag you’re carrying, and proceed to answer the call. With a phone mount, just give your phone a quick look, then carry on with your pedalling.

Benefit #3: Tracking Your Distance

For those who like to gauge the distance they’ve travelled over a set amount of time, you can do so by bringing your phone with you during one of your bike rides. Now, things are just easier to track when you’ve got your phone placed on your bike. You can easily change settings or give your phone a quick look at how far you’ve travelled during your ride. This is especially useful for someone who is training for a bike marathon or a road racing competition. 

Benefit #4: Keeping Your Phone Safe

Whether you’re training, enjoying a leisurely bike ride, or going to work, you always have to worry about where you put your phone while on the go. Yes, bringing a big or a pouch to place your phone in works, but that’s not always the safest place to put it, especially while you’re on the road. If you like to put your phone in a backpack or sling bag, that just makes it easier for pickpockets to lift your phone from your bag and steal. This is where a bike phone mount comes in handy. You put your phone in a visible but secure place in front of you, with little to no chance of being lifted by thieves or falling out of your pocket.


No matter what type of rider you are, having a phone holder just has a couple of advantages without any disadvantages at all. So if you’re considering buying a couple of accessories for your bike, consider getting a phone mount for added convenience and an improved biking experience.

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