Why Invest in the Right Bicycle Saddle and How to Find One

There is no shortage of articles online informing readers of how to find the right bike, but most of them will only tell you a few broad things to look out for. However, once you have your bike and start using it, you’ll likely realize that there are a few more specific things you should have looked for when choosing its parts. If there is one crucial buying note to remember when purchasing a bike, it is to get one with a comfortable saddle. 

Riding a bike is supposed to be a fun experience, not a painful one. A little soreness on your first few rides is to be expected. In a few weeks, however, the pain should be gone and you should be able to enjoy biking pain-free. If the discomfort and soreness persist, though, there’s one key culprit: the bike seat. 

The Importance of a Perfect Saddle

Numbness, pain, or discomfort that never goes away is only some of the many health issues that a wrong saddle can bring. It does not matter whether you use your bike for long recreational rides or on occasional quick rides; the wrong saddle still does damage to your body. 

When you ride a bike, your bones do their job of supporting your weight, preventing them from putting pressure on your pubic bone area where many sensitive nerves and blood vessels are located. When you experience numbness in this area, it could be resulting from compressed nerves and reduced blood flow. This situation can become chronic and lead to further health issues. Even before that happens, however, a bad saddle prevents the rider from fully enjoying their riding experience. 

If you do not want things to get worse than this, make sure that your bike has a comfortable seat before you make your purchase. 

How to Find the Perfect Saddle 

Bike saddles are made to meet the varying needs of the riders. All you need to find is the perfect one for you. Of course, you cannot go to a bike shop and ask what among their bikes have the perfect saddle. The right saddle checks a few boxes, particularly when it comes to the experience it offers with the bike you are eyeing. 

To help you out, here are some guidelines on how you can find the most comfortable saddle for you. 

Tip 1: Be Mindful of the Shape

First, you need the right saddle shape. You can narrow your choices down depending on two categories:

  • Your Gender: Their biological makeup makes women more in need of seat support. That is why a wider seat is typically best for them. 
  • Type of Cycling: What you use your bike for would also narrow down your choices. If you sit on a bike for hours, you might want a light saddle. Racers, MTBer, and other types of riders also have different preferences and needs. 

Tip 2: Consider How Flexible You Are 

The perfect saddle for you would also depend on your flexibility. The more you can bend and reach your toes, the more flexible you are. For the flexible riders, a slightly curved saddle would provide the most comfort. Less flexible people often tend to change seat placement, so a rounded one is typically better for them. 

Tip 3: Check the Width of Your Sit Bones

One easy trick you can do to limit your options is by measuring your sit bones' width and then buying a saddle that fits accordingly. What you would end up with will surely bring comfort to your bottom.  


Once you find your perfect saddle, do not also forget to adjust its height. No matter how amazing your newly bought bicycle saddle, you may still feel discomfort if it is not set to the correct height. If you need more help, seek guidance from bike professionals. They are more than able to assist you in the journey of finding the right saddle for you.

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